Saturday, August 4, 2012

A find in a Mexican market 22 years ago turned into a new design career for Alice Eichelmann, who knew the handcrafted palm hat she discovered would be perfect for anyone who enjoys life in the sun.

Alice traced the hat to a remote Mexican town where the villagers have been weaving hats out of palm leaves for more than 400 years. Palm is a sustainable fiber that’s pliable enough to shape into many different hat forms and durable enough to hold its shape without unraveling. Alice began collaborating with the villagers, who now do the weaving, sewing and shaping of her meticulous designs.

Tula hats provide broad coverage from the sun (they’re rated UPF 50+), and the natural palm fibers create a breathable fabric so you won’t feel overheated. Alice’s designs range from traditional to contemporary, and she has a knack for tweaking timeless silhouettes and adding details that flatter. In the garden, at the beach and all around town, your Tula hat will deliver enviably stylish sun protection.