Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ava by Tula Hats

One of my new hat designs is the Ava hat.  It fastens at the back of the head with milliners elastic.  It can be tilted whatever way the sun is shining.  This hat shape is also known as a saucer , tilt or cartwheel   hat and  my version was inspired by the lovely hat my mother-in-law Nancy is wearing.  At the recent Accessories Show in NY women would try  this hat on and comment that it looks like a Chinese rice paddy hat.  That got me to thinking that the inspiration for tilt/saucer hats that milliners made in the 40's and 50's probably did originate from the Asian conical hats.  If anyone has more information on the history of this hat style please comment below.

Nancy and Oscar in front of their home in San Luis Potosi, Mexico

My version is the Ava Hat by Tula.  The model (my daughter!)  is holding Kiki and is wearing a beautiful swirl dress that I purchased at a thrift shop in Florida.  Is anyone making these anymore?  The swirl dress is perfect for hot climates.

Ava by Tula Hats

Stunning example of a flying saucer hat.  Is that Ingrid Bergman?