Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Heading To ACL Fest And Keeping Your Skin Protected – Tula Hats For All
ACL Fest is here and you’re going to want to explore all the stages  while you’re out there. While you may find yourself putting on sunblock, that’s not enough to get through the days of the festival without a kiss from the sun. In fact, you may find yourself burned and in pain due to the rays. While the forecast broadcasts partly cloudy with some rain you will want to make sure that you take precautions in regards to your health, and that’s where a few tips may very well come in handy.
Sun Block (Obviously)
The first thing to remember, is non aerosol sun block(aerosols are not allowed into the fest).  Get a high SPF solution and apply before heading out and then reapply several hours afterwards.  This is the base line of protecting yourself against the harmful rays of the sun.  If you're not into sunscreen you can wear a long sleeve sun protective shirt .  If you do not take care of this, you’re going to find yourself dealing with serious issues as you’re enjoying your favorite bands. There’s nothing worse than going through day one unprotected, only to have the pain and anguish of peeling, cracking, and burning on day two. Don’t let that happen, remember sun block.  
Tula Hats
Go to the Waterloo Records Tent, and ask for a Tula Hat. That’s right, get yourself a Tula hat and you will find that you’re protected from the sun and you will look pretty cool too.  You’re going to find that this is not just your average headpiece, it’s something that will protect you from the sun, and allow you to get a good clearance to see the bands rocking out on stage. The weather forecast is calling for partly cloudy days and some thunderstorms.  Don't believe the myth that you can't burn during a cloudy day.

Protecting your skin from the sun is important above all else. Sure, you may want to rock out and have fun, but it’s not going to be grand if you get burned and have to deal with the consequences up front, as well as skin cancer later on. Protection comes from simply putting on sun block and then getting yourself a Tula hat. Go to the Waterloo Records Tent, and keep yourself and your friends protected against the rays.

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